Beethoven Lives . . . !!

Daniel Weiser

Daniel Weiser, pianist

Beethoven Lives…!! is a 45-minute original theater/chamber music work featuring Artistic Director and pianist Daniel Weiser as Ludwig van Beethoven along with two other AmiciMusic musicians performing Beethoven’s Theme and Variations for Piano Trio, op. 44 along with portions of his most famous music, such as Fur Elise, the Moonlight Sonata, and his 5th and 9th Symphonies.

In this innovative, interdisciplinary, and interactive work, students meet Ludwig and hear him tell the story of his magical travel via the “Time und Space Machine” invented by the mad scientist, Dr. Schwinkelschwankel. Ludwig becomes inspired by several different talking animals, such as the butterfly, beaver and waterbug, to create the Theme and Variations that is played as the story unfolds. The story teaches students about Beethoven’s early life in Vienna, allows them to hear the connection between music and natural imagery, and challenges them to act out the various animals that are part of the story.

Beethoven Lives…!! has been successfully performed for K-12 audiences ranging from 50-400, as well as in family concerts. It is targeted to grades K-6 and works best with an audience of about 150-200. The only item needed is an in-tune piano in good working condition. The cost for this show is $500. Discounts are available for block booking. Below are videos of the presentation you can watch here. From these you will see the innovative and fun approach taken by Dr. Weiser and his team.

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