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A four-part Zoom series exploring the life and music of some unfairly neglected women composers including Clara Schumann, Amy Beach, & Fanny Mendelssohn

April 6-22, 2022

Join pianist and Artistic Director Daniel Weiser on this four-part exploration of the role of women as composers over the past few hundred years.   This course will explore the often difficult cultural barriers that kept their voices from being heard as they should.  Using live performances of both solo piano music and chamber music, Dr. Weiser will showcase the incredible variety, beauty, lyricism, passion, and energy of composers such as Fanny Mendelssohn, Clara Schumann, Louise Farrenc, Amy Beach, Cecile Chaminade, and many more.  Despite the long odds of their success and a society that tended to limit their access to good musical education, all of these women composers produced soulful and distinct music that compares very well to many of the great male composers of the same period.   Weiser will perform works that are seldom heard (many unpublished) that reveal the intensity of longing that many of these women shared for some critical approbation.  As Fanny Mendelssohn once wrote: “When one never encounters either objective criticism or goodwill, one eventually loses the critical sense needed to judge one’s work, while at the same time losing the wish to create it…I am thus more or less alone with my music.”



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Wednesday, Apr 06, 2022 @ 10:00AM

Home of Daniel and Kisha Weiser
208 Northway, Baltimore

This four-part course costs $100 (includes all four sessions) and is a Zoom course available from anywhere in the world.  It is also open to ten people who would like to watch in person at Dan’s home in Baltimore..  “Spice” members from Har Sinai who had previously signed up for the cancelled course can purchase for $75 by clicking on the arrow below.  Click on the arrow below to say which option you would like.  All the classes will be recorded so that if you have to miss one or more, I will be able to send you the recording of the Zoom class on the day following the one you missed.  Classes will take place on the four Wednesdays in April from 10:00-12:00 in the morning.  Sign up for the class below with any major credit card—you do not need to have a PayPal account.  If you prefer to call Dan to sign up via phone, please call 802-369-0856.