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More Great Music by Women Composers

Trios by Amy Beach and Rebecca Clarke
plus works by Mel Bonis and Luisa LeBeau

May 4-5. 2024

We celebrate Mother’s Day with another concert of wonderful works by women composers.   We have discovered some real treasures in years past that have unfortunately not been included in the regular chamber music repertoire.  For this program, we will highlight Amy Beach, Rebecca Clarke, Mel Bonis, and Luisa LeBeau.  All struggled to get their voices heard in their lifetimes and have been unfairly neglected after their deaths.  The siblings, Emmanuel (violin), and Frances (cello) will join me for this very lyrical and passionate program.  Hope you can join us!!



This performance has passed.



Saturday, May 04, 2024 @ 2:00pm

Home of Daniel Angerstein & Jerry Schultz
1998 Randy Drive in Hendersonville

Join us once again at one of the finest places to hear a concert anywhere in the country!   Dan and Jerry have a fabulous house in the Hendersonville area with panoramic views of mountains, an amazing acoustical space, an incredible interior setting, and two fantastic grand pianos!    Jerry also always provides some delicious food and they have plenty of wine as well.   Seating will be limited so please sign up as soon as you can.  Light food, desserts, and wine are included in the $40 price.    Experience chamber music the way it was meant to be heard—in a true chamber.  Enjoy the intimate setting and the Salon atmosphere.  Sign up below.  You do not need a PayPal account—just any major credit card.  You can purchase multiple seats after you click on the yellow “ADD to CART” button.  Or call Dan at 802-369-0856 to purchase seats over the phone.

Seating will be limited!  Reserve seats now. 

This performance has passed.



Sunday, May 05, 2024 @ 2:00pm

St. Giles Chapel at Deerfield Retirement Community
1617 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC 28803

Join us in this very intimate space with wonderful acoustics and a warm atmosphere at our “home” Church on the campus of Deerfield Retirement Community that is also open to the general public.  Tickets at the door are $20 for general public, $15 for Deerfield residents, and free for children 18 and under.   Get a further 10% discount on all seats by purchasing in advance at the link below.  Click on the arrow next to the price to see the Deerfield discount price.  To buy multiple seats, just click on the yellow “ADD to CART” button and you can buy as many as you want on the next screen.  All major credit cards are accepted and you do not need to have a PayPal account.  If you prefer to pay over the phone, please call Dan Weiser at 802-369-0856.