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A Four-Part Course on the life and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

April 23-May 14, 2020

Join AmiciMusic Artistic Director Daniel Weiser for this four-part course chronicling the life and music of the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  In this crazy, chaotic time of Coronavirus, it seems more important than ever to hear the purity and order of this incredible genius.  As Franz Kleist once wrote:  “Mozart’s music is so beautiful as to entice angels down to earth.”  We will start with the remarkable prodigy who was writing short pieces at age five, symphonies at age eight, and operas at age ten.  We will follow his Grand Tours through Europe as a young man and his ultimate settling in Vienna to get away from his home of Salzburg.   We will read many of his letters that reveal his child-like nature, but a profound understanding of the power of music.  We will sadly describe his early death and the legacy he left for future composers.   I will play many of his piano Sonatas and Fantasies and we will also hear some of his great Symphonies and Operas through YouTube.  At the end of each class, I will also be showing portions of a documentary entitled In Search of Mozart.

This will be a password-protected Zoom course available online to those who register.  After you register, I will send you a link every week to each class that includes the password.  On the day and time of the class, just click on that link and enter the password.  Because of the difficulties of remote teaching, I will have the class set with your microphones off so you will be able to hear me, but you will not be able to speak.  There will be a way to write in questions during the class that I can hopefully answer.  I am working to make the audio quality of my piano playing as authentic as possible, but I know it will not quite be the same as being there in person.   You can register below for the whole four-part course or you can also register for selected classes if you prefer.

Fifty percent of the proceeds from this course will be donated to the Maryland Food Bank, which is doing an amazing job feeding people in need in our state.  Thank you!!!



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Thursday, May 14, 2020 @ 1:00-3:00

Home of Daniel and Kisha Weiser
208 Northway, Baltimore

Register below using any major credit card.  You do not need to have a PayPal account.  If you prefer, you can also call me at 802-369-0856 to do a credit card over the phone.  This is for the final class on May 14.   Once you pay, I will send you out an e-mail with a link to that class.  On that Thursday at 1:00 (or a little before), just click the link and add the password (you may not actually need the Password with the link, but it will be MOZART just in case) and you will join the class.  I will have your computer muted so you will not be able to speak, but you should be able to see me.  It might be good if you also hid your video during the class so people are not distracted watching you.  I can try to talk people through how to do that on the first class if you are not familiar with Zoom.  While you do not need to have Zoom downloaded on your computer or IPad to watch this, I believe the quality of the video and audio are better if you are able to do this before the first class.  It is free and pretty easy to set up an account if you go to Zoom.com.